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Perma-zyme enzymes work on stabilizing the clay particles into a slate/shale type material that provides a long lasting bond with an environmentally friendly GREEN PRODUCT. Where clay was once a huge problem in road construction now becomes a useful product.

I.E.C. Distributing Senior Advisers bring vast knowledge in road construction and maintenance with a sales-consulting staff having over 70 years of collective experience. In the past dozen years, hundreds of miles of roads have been treated with Perma-zyme from deserts to cold climates to humid jungle conditions to frost heaves (boils) with virtually no failures. Although Perma-zyme is not promoted as a dust control agent, many clients claim as much as a 75% dust reduction on un-surfaced roads.

Tests have also shown up to 95% reduction in soil sediment from water erosion of Perma-zyme treated forest roads.

In addition to treating roads, Perma-zyme has been successfully applied by soil paving in walking trails, equestrian trails, cattle feed lots, silage pits, agricultural equipment and storage yards, truck parking lots, solid waste facilities, building pads, small airport landing strips, and crop duster staging areas for loading. We have also found Perma-zyme to be very successful in treating drilling pads found in oil and gas exploration as well as the access roads to the pads. Testing is currently underway for determining the permeability of Perma-zyme treated soils around various pipelines for short term leak containment. Perma-zyme has also been used in sealing leaking ponds where clay material can be bonded over leaking areas in existing ponds and in building new ponds.

Perma-zyme has worked for hundreds of our satisfied clients and it will work for you as well.


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One of the world’s finest products for road stabilization and pond sealing.PERMA-ZYME is a proprietary concentrated liquid multi-enzymatic formulation. It alters the properties of earth material to produce superior road base stabilization compared to all other road treatment materials now in use.

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Perma-Zyme is used on airport runways for general and commercial aviation. It bonds and is strong enough to land to mid-size planes while keeping the huge maintenance cost low.

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Parking Lots

In addition to treating roads, airport runways, Perma-zyme has been successfully applied by soil … lots, silage pits, agricultural equipment and storage yards, truck parking lots, public and private parking lots.

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Ponds and Steams

Also great for Existing and New Pond Construction and Maintenance.For best results the soil should be analyzed by a laboratory to see if it is suitable for pond construction or if additional material, such as clays or bentonites, are needed.