Robert (Bob) Mayo

Partner / General Manager
Senior Advisor / Road Specialist

Bob has worked in the Road Construction/Maintenance field for over 40 years and spent 35 years with a rural County in California working the first 18 years as an Engineering Tech.

His duties included Design, Inspection, Survey Crew Chief, and Certified Material Testing for construction materials and Resident Engineer on numerous road projects. Inspected Subdivision Road improvements for 4 years. The last 17 years were spent as the Assistant Road Superintendent supervising 7 road maintenance yards and a Bridge Crew. Bob has used Perma-Zyme throughout his professional career for soil stabilization, and has overseen and supervised the application of Perma-Zyme domestically and internationally.

His extensive and pragmatic career in road construction and maintenance is invaluable in assisting Perma-Zyme users understand and maximize the benefits from Perma-Zyme.


Robert (Bob) Johnson

Partner/Senior Advisor/Road Specialist

Bob began his road maintenance career with Glenn County Public Works in northern California as Operations Superintendent

During his 22 year tenure, Bob supervised the re-construction of over 75 miles of Glenn County Roads, resurfaced over 500 miles of roads, and rebuilt over a dozen bridges. After retirement in 2008, Bob has continued in road maintenance as a Senior Advisor/Road Specialist where he promotes the benefits of Perma-Zyme soil stabilizer.

Bob has used Perma-Zyme since 1998 and has hundreds of miles of successful Perma-Zyme soil treatment projects throughout North America.


Dr. Maureen Clemmons

Partner/Sales Development

Dr. Clemmons, before being a Co-Founder and Partner of IEC Distributing, founded Transformations, a consulting practice whose associates specialized in Innovation, Change Management, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship.

Previously, she was the Vice-President of Strategic Change and Development at Sebastian International and a Senior Buyer/Senior Sales Promotions Manager for 7-Eleven. Her book “Soaring Stones” is currently available on Amazon.com.

It was during her field research profiled by History Channel documentary “Flying Pyramids, Soaring Stones” she was introduced to PERMA-ZYME and became passionate about its potential to create cost-effective, environmentally-friendly soil stabilization.