If you would like to book Dr. Clemmons, please give her a call at 818.407.0951 or email her at dr.clemmons@iecdistributing.com
Speaker Information Sheet: Dr. Maureen Clemmons
Wind, Pyramids and Obelisks: Harnessing the Wind to Build the Megaliths of Antiquity, and its Relevance to Modern Road Construction
In this session the speaker recounts her story of developing an innovative new theory on the construction of the pyramids and her journey in translating her concept into reality. After reading an article about a crew of archeologists attempting to manually upright an obelisk, Dr. Clemmons developed a theory that the ancient Egyptians, being sailors, used the wind to erect their monuments. She tested her theory on a small scale using managed to catch the attention of Dr. Gharib, a Professor of Aeronautics at the prestigious California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. She conducted a series of field tests demonstrating the idea. Their collaborative work resulted in several field tests where a 3.4-ton obelisk was actually lifted off the ground with two men in 25 seconds.
Dr. Clemmons has gone on to erect a 16-ton obelisk, which was profiled on the internationally-aired History Channel documentary “Flying Pyramids, Soaring Stones”, followed by the construction of a 200-ton pyramid in the Mojave Desert. Her story is one of perseverance in the face of skepticism, the importance of innovative thought and the translation of thought into action with whatever resources are available. Her work has been covered by ABC News, Time Magazine, the BBC, CNN and Discovery Channel. In recognition of her accomplishments, Dr. Clemmons has been made a Fellow of The Explorer’s Club, Wings World Quest, and National University, and honored by being granted two Expedition Flags from Wings World Quest.
Her field work resulted in helping stabilize soil throughout the U.S., Canada and the extended international community, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in road construction and maintenance using simple enzymes.
Those attending this session will:
  1. Accord attendees an understanding of an actual case study in innovation based on researching ancient construction, and the relevance to current road building.
  2. Explore ancient technologies in soil stabilization using natural enzymes, and their current application in soil stabilization throughout the Great Plains of North America from 2010 to present.
  3. Assist attendees in developing a deeper understanding of the process of integrating new ideas into the workplace.
Partial List of Lectures:
American Institute of Architects, Dayton, OH
American Institute of Architects, Encino, CA
American Institute of Architects, Lower Rio Grande, TX
American Institute of Architects, Nat’l Conference
American Institute of Architects, Orange County CA
American Institute of Architects, San Jose. CA
Cal Poly, Pomona, CA
Caltech, Pasadena, CA
Colorado Technical University, CO Springs, CO
Delta Kappa Gamma National Conference Keynote
Discovery Science Center
Explorer’s Club, Los Angeles Chapter
Explorer’s Club, National Headquarters
HASTAC 2010: Global Challenges Innovations
JPL, Pasadena
L-3 Communications, Greenville, TX
Maintenance Superintendents Association, Los Angeles Orange Area Chapter
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA
NASA, Dryden Field, EAFB
National University
Nebraska LTAP Asphalt Conference, Kearney, Nebraska
North Dakota State University
Oklahoma University
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
Pepperdine University
SAP Sapphire Conference
Society of Educators and Scholars, LA, CA
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Space Frontier Foundation
Texas Tech University, TX
Trimble Dimensions Conference
Truckee Meadows Community College
UND Center for Innovation
Universidad del Sol, Mexico
Univercidad de Monterrey, Mexico
University of Arizona
Wings World Quest, NY
XII Congreso Internacional de Desarrolla Organizacional, Mexico


Booking Dr. Clemmons to speak at your LTAP, TTAP, DOT or to your Road Professionals

“Want to jump start your region’s innovation culture and find out how to enhance roadway systems at the same time?  Dr Maureen Clemmons ‘outside-the-pyramid’ thinking is contagious.   Her presentation transitions from an innovative thought process to Perma-Zyme roadway base/surfacing stabilization, delivered thru a powerful educational outreach experience that your LTAP customers will love.  Kites to roadway secret recipes, I highly recommend that you tap into Maureen’s energy today.”  

Dale C. Heglund, PE/PLS, NDLTAP Program Director

“I invited Dr. Clemmons to speak to my Sonoma County, CA County Road Maintenance Crew as my goal was to get them comfortable opening their minds to new ideas and new technologies, and to let them know that nothing was off-limits to consider in enhancing efficiency. The response was amazing. The crew started looking at every aspect of their jobs differently, and it opened dialogue from top to bottom, resulting in improved maintenance tasks and enhanced confidence in sharing suggestions and ideas. I highly recommend Dr. Clemmons as a living case study in exploring new ideas and taking them from concept to fruition. My staff talked about this presentation for months afterward. In my new position, I look forward to having her share this same presentation with the road professionals of Sutter County, CA.”

Nathan Mayo, Road Maintenance Superintendent, Sutter County, CA

“After attending Maureen’s presentation hosted in part by the ND Society of Professional Engineers, I made a point of getting her invitations to speak for other groups.  Even now that I have seen her presentations a number of times, I would go again.  Maureen’s dedication and perseverance has given eye-opening solutions to both a mystery of the ages through to some of today’s construction issues. Every audience I have been a part of has been motivated to the point of immediately wanting to join her in her experiences. I encourage everyone to see her speak; it may just lead you to your own innovations.” 

Sarah BaeHurst, PE, ND ASHE past-president, NDDOT Transportation Engineer  

“Dr. Maureen Clemmons is an internationally recognized innovator who has a keen understanding of the innovation process and the ability for innovation to add value and transform an organization for the future.  I brought her to North Dakota several times since 2010 to speak to startups, students, academics, and companies to discuss the process and importance of innovation.  I never tire of her presentations which she tailors to her audience. She has a great story to tell on her work to move massive blocks of stones with little more than a steady wind and sturdy kite. She may have solved the century’s long mystery on how the great pyramids were built in Egypt.  She has been to North Dakota many times talking about Perma-zyme – which is fermented beer – to provide strength and stability to county roads in the truck traveled oil patch. Who thought there would be bioscience solution to road stabilization in the Bakken?  She walks the walk and talks the talk on innovation.” 

Bruce Gjovig, CEO Emeritus and Entrepreneur Coach, UND Center for Innovation Foundation


If you would like to book Dr. Clemmons, please give her a call at 818.407.0951 or email her at dr.clemmons@iecdistributing.com

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