Gravel – granular material should be kept to a minimum. For best results the soil should be analyzed by a laboratory to see if it is suitable for pond construction or if additional material, such as clays or bentonites, are needed.

One gallon of PERMA-ZYME treats 150 cubic yards of material.

PERMA-ZYME is added to water used to bring the soil to optimum moisture content (approximately 15 to 20%) for compaction. If possible the soil should be bladed to the side and the sub-base compacted to provide sub-base strength. Then soil should be brought across the pond bottom in approximately 8″ lifts. The soil material should be bladed or diced to obtain a uniform moisture content. It is suggested that the pond liner be placed in lifts not greater than 8″ each. Upon blending the water and PERMA-ZYME into the soil, grade and shape the pond. Compact with a sheepsfoot to achieve maximum soil density. Proper compactive
effort is essential for best results (low permeability), soils having a heavy clay content will require “sheepsfoot” compaction.

Additional lifts can be put in place as required, using the same procedure. Between lifts moisten the surface with a dilute solution of PERMA-ZYME (10,000:1) prior to placing an additional lift of soil on top. Then compact as required.

Soil material can be treated in place at the pond location or prepared off-site and transported to the pond site with moisture and PERMA-ZYME already mixed in. Then the material should be bladed to the required thickness, contoured and compacted to a finished surface.



If the existing pond has evidence of seepage, PERMA-ZYME can be used to reduce and/or eliminate loss.

Apply PERMA-ZYME at a rate of 10 gallons per acre, across the pond surface (if a boat can be used) and/or around the
entire pond perimeter.

If possible, stir up the pond bottom by dragging chains across. Fines placed into suspension, together with PERMA-ZYME,
will then migrate to the seepage areas and seal off the problem area.

If the seepage is due to excessive granular material on the pond bottom, bentonite or clays may have to be added along with PERMA-ZYME to help seal the voids. A reduction of seepage should be visible after 72 hours.

Dry ponds can be reconditioned using the same procedure for new construction.