The Liquid Enzyme Stabilizer shall be PERMA-ZYME. PERMA-ZYME consists of a multi-enzymatic formulation containing water, fermented organic compounds and other proprietary ingredients. Perma-zyme can be used effectively over a wide range of soil gradation mixes (aggregate sizes), as can be seen from the above graph.

Materials containing approximately 15% cohesive fines (non-granular) have been found a satisfactory target. However, excellent results have been achieved outside this range.

Additionally, the soil should contain a wide range of material sizes to provide shear strength and internal friction which increases load bearing values.

Perma-zyme has proven effective over a wide range of soil types. This range continues to expand as Perma-zyme is used in more diverse locations throughout the world.

The Contractor may make any adjustments in the material which may include, but not be limited to, increasing colloidal fines or reducing the amount of material passing a #200 sieve as directed by the engineer or consultant.