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Our company sells, distributes, and consults in the use of enzyme soil stabilizers, offering economical and green solutions for the road construction industry.

Our Soil Stabilizer

Our environmentally friendly, GREEN PRODUCT works on stabilizing the clay particles in soil into a slate/shale type material that provides a long lasting bond. Where clay was once a huge problem in road construction now becomes a useful product.

Sales & Distribution

Contact our sales team to discuss your soil stabilization needs. We are a direct distributor of our soil stabilizer product.

Expert Consultation & Training

I.E.C. Distributing Senior Advisers bring vast knowledge in road construction and maintenance with a sales-consulting staff having over 70 years of collective experience. In the past dozen years, hundreds of miles of roads have been treated with our soil stabilizer – from deserts, to cold climates, to humid jungle conditions, to frost heaves (boils) with virtually no failures.

Why Soil Stabilizer?

  • IT IS NON TOXIC, ORGANIC AND BIODEGRADABLE It will not harm humans, animals, fish or vegetation in normal use.
  • IT CREATES A SURFACE THAT IS VIRTUALLY IMPERVIOUS TO WATER AND FROST HEAVE. A result of the greater bonding density of the soil.
  • SAVES MONEY Up to 70% over standard road construction and maintenance costs!
  • REDUCES OR ELIMINATES NEED FOR AGGREGATE Road base can be constructed from on site existing and native soil.
  • SOIL REQUIRES TESTING before enzyme application to ensure existing material meets optimum specifications. Some soil modification may be required.

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Soil Stabilizer FAQs

Developed and proven through over 40 years of field use and testing, our soil stabilizer provides advantages to road builders, communities and the ecology by being extremely cost effective to use for construction while still being non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally safe.

When mixed with water and applied to the soil prior to compaction, our product acts on the organic fines (clays) in the soil through a catalytic bonding process and produces a strong “cementation” action, which creates a surface that resists water penetration, weathering and wear.

What is it?

Our soil stabilizer is an enzyme formulation which is diluted in water (ratio of 1-part soil stabilizer to 500 gallons of water) and applied to soil. As the soil stabilizer enzyme penetrates the soil, it stabilizes the clay particles into a very hard slate/shale type material with a long-lasting bond.

What is it made from?

Our soil stabilizer is a brown liquid enzyme concentrate made from feed grains and molasses which have been fermented for five to nine days in a process similar to making beer. The end product is approximately 80 percent enzymes and 20 percent sugar, and is then blended with a surfactant to facilitate carrying the enzyme into the soil and other proprietary ingredients. It is completely organic, non-toxic and biodegradable.

How does it work?

The ingredients in our soil stabilizer reduce the surface tension of the water applied to the soil during construction, promoting fast and thorough dispersal of the enzyme/ moisture mix into the soil. The “cementation” action of soil stabilizer increases the soil bearing characteristics (hardness) as a result of the closer binding of soil particles into a shale type structure that the enzyme produces. Soil stabilizer works best with soils that have 20% fines (clay) but has produced excellent results with a minimum of 8% fines. (Note: the temperature should be above 50 deg. F on the day(s) that the product is applied and for 3 days thereafter.

Also, the product should NOT be applied unless there is NO rain forecast for 3 days after application). Once the product has been applied to the soil, it cures over the next 72 hours, into an extremely hard surface. (Note: a road which has been treated with soil stabilizer can be used by normal traffic immediately once the compaction and final grading is complete – the curing continues while the road is in use).

How much is needed?

1 gallon of soil stabilizer will treat 150 cubic yards of soil (Multiply road width by depth by length and divide by 27 lo calculate cubic yards, e.g. 5280 feet long x 24 feet wide x .5 feet deep /27 feet per yard= 2347 cubic yards per mile) 15 gallons per mile will treat a road 25 feet wide and 6 inches deep.

How does it save on road/surface costs?

Using soil stabilizer reduces costs by up to 70% for road construction:

  • Water usage is reduced by 25%, since the surfactant ingredient in soil stabilizer speeds up water penetration.
  • Aggregate usage and hauling is reduced, since you can use existing soil instead of hauling in base materials.
  • Reduces or eliminates need to haul away material.
  • Soil stabilizer makes clay a useful element in soil, where it had once been a problem in road construction.
  • Drastically reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Soil Stabilizer Applications



Oil & Gas Pads

Parking Lots

Walking & Equestrian Trails

Ponds & Reservoirs

Equipment Yards

Brick Manufacturing

In addition to treating roads, our soil stabilizer has been successfully applied by soil paving in walking trails, equestrian trails, cattle feed lots, silage pits, agricultural equipment and storage yards, truck parking lots, solid waste facilities, building pads, small airport landing strips, and crop duster staging areas for loading. We have also found our product to be very successful in treating drilling pads found in oil and gas exploration as well as the access roads to the pads.

Testing is currently underway for determining the permeability of stabilizer-treated soils around various pipelines for short term leak containment. Our soil stabilizer has also been used in sealing leaking ponds where clay material can be bonded over leaking areas in existing ponds and in building new ponds.

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